Saturday, 25 April 2009

Target Audience & BBFC

My product is based at a 15 – 25 age group. I’ve attracted this age group by the fast-pace music, the quick editing and the young central protagonist. I think that the overall content of the film would get a 15 rating. By BBFC ratings, this means that the drug content would be “Drug taking may be shown but the film as a whole must not promote or encourage drug misuse.” This is relevant to my product as the story ends with the both of the main characters dying from drug use. The BBFC website also states “No theme is prohibited, provided the treatment is appropriate to 15 year olds” which means that so long as the content is handled appropriately, I could still have such a difficult topic in the film.

Within the first two minutes, no Non-Caucasian characters appear in my film, although would plan to have some later on in the narrative. I didn’t plan to have no ethnic minority characters to appear in the part of my film that I made, but due to the availability of actors, I wasn’t able to include any.
Although my product isn’t targeted at a specific gender group, I think that females would prefer this film. I don’t believe that my product would exclude either gender. The girl in my film is stereotypical of the kind of girl that usually appears as the “out of control” character in teen dramas. The boy in my film is counter typical of the male protagonist of a teen drama. The gender roles in my film are typical of a teen drama, with the girl in control of the boy’s heart, and the boy trying to do whatever he can to get the girl to like him.
Although not specifically focused on socio-economic groupings, my film does have some difference of social class. The main character, Alex, has just moved from London, a very upper-class and expensive place to live, to a small town in the countryside. He finds it very difficult to adapt from the upper-class setting of London to the middle/working-class setting of the new town.
My product does involve many stereotypes that are associated with the British nationality. The overall film is set in two places; typical English countryside, and London, the capital. There’s a mix of stereotypes within the characters themselves, having a southern character representing the upper class Britain, and having a female with a very distinctive Yorkshire accent to represent the north of England.
I believe that fans of the following would be interested in my product; Skins (2007, TV series), Kidulthood (2006, Menhaj Huda) and Cruel Intentions (1999, Roger Kumble). This is because the storylines of the three films are all similar to that of “Displacement” and also the style of my product is a mixture of these three styles, plus Mean Girls (2004, Mark Waters).
The audience that I believe would be most interested in this film would be the 15-25 youth audience, students who would be able to relate to this sort of narrative and identify with the characters (i.e. teenagers / young adults who like to go to parties, take drugs etc.)

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