Thursday, 16 April 2009


I had several problems with casting due to the availability of some actors. My first choice was a boy called Barnes Grant Muller, who has dark hair, is good looking and is a good actor. However, due to work load, he was unable to be in the film. I asked several people to be in the film, but each declined. Then I came across the following actors.

Lawrence Mellor
- I chose Lawrence because he has experience acting (he was also in Coma, a film by SAMYOUWILL productions) and is a countertype to the typical dark hair, blue eyes protagonist of many teen dramas. As he was available for filming, he was the actor who was in the final text.
Lawrence is counter typical of the usual male protagonist in a teen drama. The typical male protagonist has dark hair, is classically good looking with a toned body. The character is usually unsure of himself, whereas 'Alex' is self confident. However, when he does move to the countryside, Alex does become unsure of himself, and so fits into that stereotype. Typical characters who fit the male protagonist in a teen drama include Skins characters Freddie (Luke Pasqualino) and Chris (Joseph Dempsie).

Holly Stephenson
- Holly was my first and only choice to play the part of the Faith. She has acting experience (she studies Drama for A Level, and was also in “Coma”) and is the perfect build for the character. She is slight and pale, which means she could easily seem like the typical girl to go off the rails and take drugs.

Holly is stereotypical of the usual female protagonist in a teen drama. The typical female protagonist has dark hair and pale skin, usually slim and shorter than the other characters. The character is usually very self confident, and is able to control everybody around her. Typical characters who fit the female protagonist in a teen drama include Skins character Michelle (April Pearson) and Kidulthood character Becky (Jaime Winstone).

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