Monday, 27 April 2009

Final Cut - Displacement

The changes that I made to produce my final cut were only small but I think they make a significant difference the the overall product.
First I had to remove the copyrighted song title at the start of the film, which I replaced with a different angle of the itunes logo. I think this adds more interest and also isn't breaking any copyright laws.
Another thing I changed was in response to some of the audience feedback that I got from my other edits. They felt that when Alex was walking down the road there was one too many jump cuts, and so I removed the last one to have a more flowing panning shot. 
The last thing I changed was the voiceover. It wasn't obvious that the previous accent was from southern England, and so I asked a friend of mine from Berkshire to record the voiceover. It is now far more obvious that the character is from London. However, the recording that I got is a little too quiet, and due to time constraints I wasn't able to change the audio, so at times the voiceover is a little lost amongst the background track.

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