Sunday, 26 April 2009


Costume is very important in a teen drama production especially, as the youth audience are very important to consumer markets and are often very involved with clothing and appearance.

Alex Bright
Alex Bright is dressed casually, as though he hasn't thought about what he's wearing as he was in a rush to leave the house. He wears plain blue jeans, a plain black jacket and shoes with black and green patterning. He has an ear piercing in his left ear to signify that he is a rebel, and doesn't want to conform to his social group in London (a very virtuous and conscientious group.)
Faith Davies
Faith is wearing all black, again very casual but, unlike Alex, a much more thought out look. She wears a long, sloganed black t-shirt, a long black cardigan, black leggings and black pumps. The black clothing accentuates her pale skins and dark hair. It also gives her a very gothic look, and this ties in with the social group that she hangs around with. She wears similar clothing in the overdose shots, with a lighter coloured t-shirt.

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