Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Group Scenario.

My Group
Originally I was going to be in a group with Holly Davy and Saskia Adams, but due to "creative differences" we decided to split into 3 seperate groups. I wanted to do this because I thought that I would do better in this task by having full creative control of the filming and editing, and we had different ideas of which would make a better introduction.

Outline of Idea
The film I am making the introduction for is based around a young boy, Alex Bright. He has moved from London to a quiet town in the North of England, the first time he has seen the countryside. In his life in London, he was one of the "good crowd," always getting his homework in on time and eating sensibly etc. He was the rebel of his old friendship group (signified by his earring) but when he moves to this new town he is quiet and timid and unsure of himself. He tries to take up his previous rebellious role by falling in with a bad crowd. In this crowd is a girl named Faith Davies, whom he falls deeply and uncontrollably in love with. He starts going to various house parties that get out of control, involving too much alcohol and illegal drugs. When Faith dies of an accidental overdose, Alex is caught wondering if it's all been worth it. He kills himself at the end of the film.

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