Thursday, 16 April 2009


For editing I used iMovie06. This software had its advantages and disadvantages. It allowed me to cut clips in two so that I could move them about in an interesting order to give a fast pace end result. This software also allowed me to put music onto the film opening, and I could place it at the right point so that it fitted in with the action. I found the music on and downloaded it, then copied it into iMovie. It has a function so that I can adjust the sound levels of the dialogue and background music respectfully, so that I could continue the music beyond the point where the dialogue comes in. I also was able to include an audio voice over with the 'extract audio' function, which meant that I didn’t have to film the dialogue at the same time as the action. However, while importing it had to "Letterbox" each clip, which took along time and made me behind in my editing. This was a severe disadvantage as every moment I could spend editing my piece was crucial.

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