Sunday, 26 April 2009


There were limited props actually used within the action in the introduction for "Displacement".
For Alex, two props were used;
The fruit bowl and apple were used to signify that Alex is actually a very sensible person (also shown when he looks both way before crossing the road) who is taking care of what he eats. The shot of the fruit bowl adds a flash of bright colour to the sequence, and the apple adds some continuity in that it appears in many of the following shots. The sequence shows Alex pick up the apple from the fruit bowl (of oranges, not tomatoes!!), then carry it in his hand as he leave the house, and start to eat it as he walks down the road.
The other prop that Alex uses is a Nokia 6101 mobile phone. As he walks down the street in Ilkley he stops to get out his phone so that he can be stationary when he sees Faith walk past him. The phone is not a particularly popular design, and has no special features, which signifies that he only uses it to keep in touch with people, rather than for MP3 music playing, playing games, or taking photographs.
For Faith, again two props were used;
Faith also uses her mobile telephone in this sequence. The model that she has is a Nokia 6500 Classic. This model does have a built-in MP3 player and extra features like bluetooth. She is seen using this phone when she walks past Alex, making it more obvious that she wants to look at him rather than that she has nothing else to look at, as she looks up from her texting. This signifies that there will be some kind of relationship between them later on in the film.
Faith also had a white Adidas shoulder bag. This is unusual for her overall style, as it doesn't fit in with the gothis genre of clothing, but it shows that she is a little bit different from the other people, and doesn't feel she needs to conform to social trends. The bag also suggests that she is going to meet someone, or to do something, rather than just exploring the town as Alex is doing.

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