Sunday, 26 April 2009

Locations and Mise-En-Scene.

It was important in the introduction of "Displacment" to establish the vast contrast between Ilkley and London. I think I've managed to represent this in a number of ways through mise-en-scene and location.

This is a still from my film "Displacement". It shows the shot of the Alex's bedroom. The mise-en-scene in this shot is very important as it says a lot about the character. I chose to shoot this in a friend's bedroom, as he is a typical boy and thus he has a typical boy's bedroom. This image shows a football in the corner as a representation of teenage boy activities. We chose to have the room fairly empty, with boxes around to signify that he has recently moved in. He doesn't have a proper bed, just a large beanbag, so this shows that he has moved in so recently that he hasn't assembled his bed yet.

This shot shows the neighbourhood that Alex's house is in. It's a long road, clearly not in the city to contrast with the busy capital that Alex used to live in. The houses are semi-detached, to show that they aren't in as inexpensive a residence as a council estate, but it's still a vast contrast to the sort of house that Alex would have lived in in London.
Also, the road that Alex walks down is straight and downhill. This signifies that things are going to get worse for him, and it's going to be quick. It was very important that we found a street that could signify the decline, and this one was perfect.

When the sequence of shots to show various areas of the town, I felt that it was important to have a shot of the church. This is because it wouldn't be a big part of a city setting, but within more rural areas, the church is often a prominent part of the community. This ties in with the stereotype of a small English country town (many films and television serials presenting small town folk as very religious).

This road I thought was perfect for the end of the films introduction. I like the cover of the trees, and the nearby park and river. It's obvious that this is a fairly main road within this town, but it's nothing like as busy as a road in London is. The sign for a public footpath is a signifier of a more rural environment (as most places in London have public transport like tubes and buses).

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