Monday, 2 March 2009

Ideas for Film Opening Task.

Idea the First.
"The Door" is a thriller / slasher movie aimed at a 18 - 35 youth audience. The BBFC rating would be an 18 due to graphic horror.
It opens on a boy, aged 17/18, moderately good-looking,  getting ready for school. He lives in a middle-class house in England. This is shown by an establishing shot of rolling hills on a murky day. Varying shots and angles are used in order to show the different stages of getting ready. Diegetic music is used in the opening sequence from the ipod station in his room. In one shot the boy is walking back from the bathroom and he passes a fairly nondescript door. The shot lingers on the door for just a fraction too long, so it gives the audience some idea that this door is relevant to the overall storyline.
Titles are worked into the mise-en-scene, written on posters or books (Intertextual reference "School of Rock")
This boy has only just moved to the area, and it is his first day of school. He is still exploring the town and getting to know his surroundings. He walks into the school confused and lost as it's an unfamiliar setting. He waits at the office to talk to the head of year about his scheduale and stuff. (Intertextual reference "10 Things I hate about You")
This light-hearted opening leaves narrative enigma as to why this film has been classed as a thriller film. There are no apparent sinister leanings.

Idea the Second.
This idea is more of a teen high school drama genre, and would have a lower BBFC rating as it wouldn't contain any graphic horror or violence.
Similar to the first idea, the film would open with a boy getting ready for school. This sequence would last much shorter than for "The Door", and would also include him leaving the house and walking around the town (possibly Leeds). He would be telling a story by voice-over, as though what he's thinking, rather than what he's saying. 
The film starts with the boy having moved to a new town, unsure of himself. He was always seen as a bit weird at his last school, but his Mum got a new job in Yorkshire. He used to live in London, where he hung around with a friendly crowd who never got into much trouble. In this school he makes friends with the wrong crowd, who do drugs and party every night. He falls in love with a girl, and does more and more stupid things in order to impress her. In the end she takes an accidental overdose at a party, gets rushed to hospital and dies.

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