Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Run-down of my shot sequence.

Shot 1 : A medium close-up of an ipod dock. A hand moves into the shot to put an ipod on and diegetic (non-copyrighted) music starts playing. This music carries on throughout the sequence.
Shot 2 : A medium long shot of a boy walking past a bookshelf. One of the books has the title of the film printed on the spine. He is dressed casually.
Shot 3 : After a jump-cut, there is a close up of the boy brushing his teeth in the mirror. His face is not shown yet. When he bends down the producers name is written into the mirror.
Shot 4 : Close-up of the boys shoulder as he's putting on a jacket. This signifies that he is going out. His face is still not shown. 
Shot 5 : Close-up of the boys hand grabbing a banana out of a fruit bowl. This shows that he is in a rush and wants to get out of the house quickly. 
Shot 6 : Mid-shot of boy leaving the house. He walks out of the front door and shuts it behind him. He doesn't have a bag or anything, he is just leaving to explore.
Shot 7 : Medium long-shot of the boy walking out of his house and walking down the lane. Pans out from the door up to the horizon.
Shot 8, 9 & 10 : Low angle shots of prominent parts of the town (All Saints school, Library, Riverside Park. These give the impression that he is exploring this town for the first time.
Shot 11 : Medium close up of the boy's face. Dialogue starts over this shot. He's walking down a fairly remote street, in contrast to the city he used to live in.
Shot 12 : A tracking shot of three girls walking past him. the one in the middle smiles at the boy, she is the female protagonist in the film.
Shot 13 : Medium close-up of the boys face. He smiles to himself that the girl has smiled at him. 
Shot 14 : Flashback scene. Brief shot of the same girl dead from an overdose. It's during a party. She is slumped against a sofa with her eyes open.
Shot 15 : The boy stops in the street. His face is no longer smiling. He then shakes his head and continues walking forward. (This is because he's telling his story in hindsight and so he knows what's going to happen to this girl.)

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