Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Prelim Task and Micro-Drama

Preliminary Task

For the preliminary task, we were split into groups where we made short films. We were asked to produce a sequence of someone going through a door to a room where another person is sitting, and then exchanging a few lines of dialogue with them. We decided that we would add a little more depth to this piece by starting it in a seperate setting. The main character gets told that the secondary character needs help, and then goes in search of him. This task got us to understand the use of match-on-action, and also helped us to learn more about camera control, editing and sound. This is my personal edit of the sequence.


This is the micro-drama that was set earlier in the year. It was to get us used to the idea of the Narrative theory and apply the Vladmir Propp, Todorov and Levi Strauss ideas into practice. We planned the narrative around the idea of "fairytale," using these ideas including Propps character archetypes (Villian, Hero etc.) and Todorovs narrative structure. It also gave us a chance to learn how to use the iMovie software. It is a linear-narrative which means it isnt jumping in time and each part follows in chronological order.

I am unsure as to why the video of our micro drama will not upload onto my blog, but a copy of the same film can be found at http://holiloumedia.blogspot.com/2009/03/micro-drama.html

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